A special play time for you!

What is it all about?

All children and grownups have problems and difficulties at some time; that’s how life is. Things happen that upset us, make us angry, worried or frightened.

If grownups have problems, they sometimes talk to another grownup. Most children don’t find it easy to talk about problems but they are very good at playing.

Children can come and play with someone who is specially trained to help them with their problems.

Someone might have shown you this website because they think you would find it helpful to have some special time.

Who am I?

My name is Cheryl and I help children with their problems by playing alongside them.

What happens during special play time?

You can come for 45 minutes every week for a planned programme of sessions.

You can decide what you want to do as long as you keep yourself, me and everything in the room safe. Sometimes I will suggest activities we can do together.

I have lots of toys and art materials. I will play alongside you and help you sort out your feelings and worries.

You will have a special folder and box to keep things you make. I will keep this safe for you until you have finished coming to see me, then we can decide together what to do with the things you have made.

You can decide who you want to tell about what happens during your special time. You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to. We will tell the grownups how you are getting on but not about the specific things you say or do - unless I think someone is in danger of getting hurt. If I have to do this I will tell you.

Things you might want to do…

  • Playing with the toys
  • Playing in the sand tray
  • Dressing up
  • Puppets
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Making with craft materials
  • Masks
  • Story work
  • Music

What else will happen?

We will meet every term with whoever looks after you at home to see if your special time is helping you with your problems.

If you want to, you can come to these meetings and talk to the grownups about your special time.

I am really looking forward to seeing you soon.