Why play therapy?

If children are having problems they might find it difficult to talk about things.

Children love to play and this is their natural medium to communicate and work through feelings.

What happens next?

I would like to meet with you and your child and discuss what you hope will happen as a result of play therapy.

What will happen during a play therapy session?

There is available a range of toys, musical instruments, puppets, masks, arts and crafts.

The rule of the room is your child can choose what they want to do, but they must keep themselves, me and everything in the room safe.

Your child attends a 45 minutes session once a week for a planned programme.

It is important to ensure your child attends these play therapy sessions.

What else will happen?

The therapist arranges an introduction meeting with you to discuss how your child is getting on.

There will be a review meeting after about 7-8 sessions, to discuss your observations with the therapist, your child’s teacher and your child if they wish to attend.

We will meet again at the end of the sessions to evaluate the progress made and any further recommendations to support your child.